Quantitative Intracellular and Intranuclear Spot Analysis Using Digital Microscopy

Phenotypic cellular analysis is a critical area of biological research. Numerous applications require quantifying the number of “spots” per cell, including DNA damage, autophagosomes, endosomes, and mitochondria. These evaluations are often done by hand, which is highly subjective and can be tedious. In this webinar we will describe using an automated image based approach for rapid, objective quantification of various assays that use object spot counting analysis including autophagy, mitochondria membrane potential, genotoxicity, and others.

About the presenters

Sarah Beckman, Principal Scientist
Sarah Beckman is a Principal Scientist at BioTek Instruments, Inc. She holds a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Pathology from the University of Pittsburgh. Sarah’s graduate school work utilized microscopy and image analysis to better understand methods to optimize stem cells for cardiac and skeletal muscle regeneration. As part of her postdoc at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical center Sarah performed live imaging with zebrafish in order to study macrophage migration during development. Current projects in the lab focus on object based spot counting analysis and zebrafish imaging.

Wendy Goodrich, Applications Scientist
A veteran of BioTek Instruments, Inc. for 30 years, Wendy has spent most of her tenure specializing in clinical diagnostic ELISA. Her BioTek vitae includes roles as Manager of Software Product Validation, R&D Applications Engineer, and currently Applications Scientist. She develops automation and assay solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and food and beverage, in addition to other general life science research.

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