DNA Quantification - Multi-Volume/Multi-Mode Analytical Methods



Nucleic acids are the building blocks of life in all living things, from plants and animals to bacteria and viruses. In research, it’s important to quantify nucleic acids prior to downstream processes like sequencing, restriction enzyme digestions and ligations, PCR and qPCR along with many other applications. Along with determining nucleic acid concentrations, it’s also important to calculate the ratio of nucleic acid to protein to ascertain the purity of the nucleic acid before using the sample in subsequent analyses.

There are both fluorometric and absorbance methods available for nucleic acid quantification. The former is used for applications requiring high sensitivity due to limited amounts of nucleic acid; the latter is more conventionally used from typical nucleic acid extraction procedures. In this webinar, we’ll discuss in detail the typical spectrophotometric methodologies used including cuvette-, microplate- and micro-volume based nucleic acid quantification.

About the presenter

Peter J. Brescia, Jr., Applications Scientist
Peter Brescia is an Applications Scientist at BioTek Instruments. He holds an MSc degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and MBA in Performance Measurements. Current projects focus on the use of automated microscopy and image analysis tools to alleviate bottlenecks typically encountered in current workflows.

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