405 Touch Microplate Washer

Redefining Microplate Washing... Again.

BioTek continues to advance the art of automated microplate washing with the 405™ TS Microplate Washer, setting the standard for 96- and 384-well washing. Through a modern interface and easy-to-use software, the 405 TS will reshape the day-to-day routines of today’s life science laboratories. It's so simple you can run an assay in two touches!

The patented Verify™ technology option provides quality control checking for clogged aspirate or dispense tubes to reduce assay failure. Along with patented Ultrasonic Advantage™, the 405 TS is truly a self-checking, self-maintaining system.



  • Verify clog detection for dispense and aspirate tubes, with pass/fail onscreen results displayed
  • High resolution touchscreen and 5.7 inch graphical color display for intuitive and flexible programming
  • Fast Intel Atom processor running Windows CE
  • Resistive touch screen display works with gloved hands
  • USB flash drive ports enable convenient file transfer


  • Cell-based assays
  • Magnetic and polystyrene bead assays (gene expression assays, cytokine assays)
  • ELISAs
  • MSD assays
  • HCS immune cytochemistry
  • Calcium flux assays
  • ELISPOT assays

Watch the Video to Learn More:

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Patents:  US 8,858,718  and 5,951,783; EP 2093572B2 and 1637887B1



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