Free Laser Autofocus Promotion

Receive free Laser Autofocus when you purchase a Lionheart Automated Microscope or Cytation Imaging Multi-Mode Reader.

*Promotion ends June 30, 2018


BioTek’s patented laser autofocus for Lionheart Automated Microscopes and Cytation Cell Imaging Readers offers all the key advantages of laser autofocus:

  • Speed:  The laser is flashed once per well, faster than the multiple images taken during image-based autofocus. Laser autofocus works well with dim fluorophores and transmitted light imaging.
  • Reproducibility:  Laser autofocus is less likely to be impacted by debris in the well, since the focus is relative to the well bottom.  Laser autofocus offers the highest accuracy during long-term kinetics
  • Lower phototoxicity and photobleaching:  Because the laser is flashed only once per well and is a very focused light source, phototoxicity and photobleaching are kept to a minimum. Laser autofocus is ideal for live cell assays and fluorophores that bleach easily.


Promotion Terms: 

  • Offer valid on new Lionheart FX, Lionheart LX, and Cytation 1/5 imaging “V” configuration orders placed during promotional period only. 
  • Laser autofocus (BioTek P/N 1225010) must be included on same order with instrument.
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions. 

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