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Save $1,000 on BioTek's new Fluorescence Test Plate*

For a limited time, save $1,000 when you purchase our new Fluorescence Test Plate.

The Fluorescence Test Plate is designed to replace fluorescent liquid testing often required to check instrument performance to specifications. The plate simplifies the process for conducting fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, and time-resolved fluorescence qualification tests on your BioTek instrument. The test plate is solid and therefore immune to the pipetting errors and evaporation issues, and it’s convenient size and multi-parameter functionality makes it ideal for performance test and qualification of BioTek fluorescence capable instruments. The fluorescein standard is NIST traceable.

The Fluorescence Test Plate checks for:
  • Carrier ‘flatness’
  • Fluorescence intensity linearity
  • Limit of Detection for:
    • Fluorescence intensity
    • Fluorescence polarization
    • Time-resolved fluorescence
Each Fluorescence Test Plate comes with:
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Flash drive with user manual and test protocols
  • Dust blower and cleaning swabs

This test plate is compatible with Cytation™ and Synergy™ Multi-Mode Readers and FLx800 Fluorescence Reader.

*Promotion Rules
  • Offer valid on new Fluorescence Test Plate (BioTek P/N 1400501) orders placed during promotional period only.  
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions. 
  • The Fluorescence Test Plate requires Gen5 Software ≥ v2.06. If you do not have Gen5 v2.06 or higher, please contact Customer Care for Gen5 upgrade pricing.
  • Expires 9/29/2017