Limited Time Offer*!

2020 Promo - Free Laser Autofocus or Gen5 Image+

Purchase any BioTek Imager and receive a free upgrade to patented Laser Autofocus or Gen5™ Image+ software

*Promotion ends June 30, 2020

BioTek’s Cytation and Lionheart imagers offer excellent image-based autofocus for many sample biologies. When 4x - 40x laser autofocus is added to the system, additional benefits include:

  • Improved speed with dim fluorophores and transmitted light
  • Superior reproducibility with no effects from well debris
  • Highest accuracy in long term time-lapse workflows
  • Minimized photobleaching with lower phototoxicity for live cell assays

BioTek's Gen5 Image+ Software automates image capture, processing and analysis to produce publication-ready images and quantitative data. Additional benefits include:

  • Make movies of live samples and kinetic images
  • Image deconvolution for improved resolution
  • Digital phase contrast for optimized brightfield imaging
  • Subpopulation cellular analysis

Take advantage of this great opportunity to enhance your imaging workflows with BioTek’s patented laser autofocus or Gen5 IMage+ software!

Promotion Terms: 

  • Offer valid on new Cytation 1/5/7 imaging “V” or “W” configurations and Lionheart LX/FX orders placed during promotional period of 1/15/20-6/30/20 only
  • Includes either laser autofocus PN 1225010 or Gen5 Image+ PN GEN5IPLUS at no charge
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions.

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