A giant step: Automate
processing and analysis 

My research focuses on inhibiting redundant DNA repair pathways in tumors. By identifying damaged or fragmented DNA using the comet assay or γ
H2AX, we can then manipulate these pathways to develop novel treatment strategies in the clinical management of cancer. With BioTek’s Cytation™ Cell Imaging Reader we can now eliminate the tediously long process and user bias associated with manual analysis. Cytation allows us to automate processing and analysis, resulting in fast, precise, reproducible information and data. Bringing us a step closer to our goal of enhancing the patients’ treatment success and their quality of life.  

Think Possible with Cytation™ 

Cytation™ Cell Imaging Readers provide your research lab with affordable quantitative microscopy – automated imaging for fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast along with sophisticated cell analysis in one small, powerful platform.

We Make Quantitative Microscopy Affordable

Amazing Imaging

Fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast imaging from 1.25x
for full-well imaging to 60x for intracellular details.
Affordable Automation

Auto XY stage control, autofocus,
autoexposure, auto LED intensity.
Lidded plate handling with
BioStack™ 4 Microplate Stacker
and BioSpa™ 8 Automated Incubator.

Augmented Microscopy™
capture process  analyze publish 

Gen5 software automates the process
from image capture to quantitative
publication-ready data, without requiring
extensive training.

Modular Design: Add Multi-Mode Detection

The patented design allows conventional multi-mode detection to be added:
1. UV-Vis absorbance module
2. Fluorescence and luminescence module
3. Microscopy module

Which Cytation model is right for you?

Cell Friendly

4-Zone incubation with Condensation Control, CO2/O2 control.

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